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Stands for Monitors up to 42"

SmartMedia offers two different types of Monitor Stands from 17” up to 42”: static version and dynamic version on wheels, with ball joint.

Static Monitor Support SM-STM

Stable, rugged, reliable

The floor stand has an elegant round basement that makes it stable and positionable in any environment.

Support for Monitors from 17” to 42”: includes a fixed rounded base.
Use vertically or at an angle from 1 ° to 25 ° converts multi-touch monitors into interactive lecterns.
Compatible with VESA mounting: 50x50, 75x75, 100x100, 200x100, 200x200
Optional 400x400 VESA mounting adapter .

Stand Color: Black
Dimensions: 19” x 19” x 51.6”
Stand Weight: 44 lbs
Maximum Supported Weight: 66 lbs.

Mobile stand for Monitor on wheels SM-STMR

Handy, mobile, tiltable

This wheel mount is more manoeuvrable and versatile than the static version, and allows the monitor to rotate up to 90° by turning it into an interactive table; The practice wheels allow fast and easy movement.

For Display Monitors from 17" to 32"
Adjustable in height (15”) through the pedal and gas spring system.
Compatible with VESA mounting: 75x75, 100x100

Stand Color: Grey
Min. Stand Dimensions: 18.5” x 20.9” x 31.5”
Max. stand Dimensions: 18.5” x 20.9” x 46.5”
Stand Weight: 24.3 lbs.
Maximum supported weight: 35.3 lbs

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Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

 Classroom management software SmartMediaPRO

Smartmedia Pro Classroom Management SoftwareSmartMedia Pro Software allows remote-control of classrooms...

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Interactive Whiteboards

SmartMedia Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard
Infrared Series - 6 Touch Points, 84

SmartMedia Interactive Whiteboard
Infrared Series - 6 Touch Points, 84"



Infrared technology: multi-touch function that allows interaction with either a finger or a pen

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Interactive Whiteboard
Infrared Series - 10 Touch Points, 92

SmartMedia Interactive Whiteboard

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Mobile Interactive Whiteboard - surfaces up to 150“ - with pens

Simple, intuitive, pocket-sized: Interact with any flat surface to create an interactive whiteboard

SmartMedia MOBIWB The real mobile classroom revolution is taking over the education field. Thanks to the analysis technology, all...

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SMA Series Touch Monitor - SmartMedia




SmartMedia Touch Monitor SMA series offers you the next generation in presentation technology by providing multi-touch functionality and the ability for four people to simultaneously write. All the monitors are FULL HD LED displays.


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Interactive Tables - SmartMedia

SmartNotifyME for sending and receiving Push Notifications to mobile phones

Discover the potential of push notifications with Push Notifications Smartnotifyme at GSMA Mobile World Congress. Hall7 booth 7G71

Communicate directly to your customers or followers smartphones, sending push notifications on their devices: mobile phones or tablets. Write and send the message from the cloud platform and let your contacts receive the message through the free app available from Google play or app store. -

#smartnotifyme #pushnotification #android #mobilephone #MWC17

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Education Area - Articles

Killian Oaks Academy, Miami (FL) meets SmartMedia Interactive Monitor CAM Series, 75" 4K in the Music Classroom


Music Classroom meets SmartMedia Interactive Monitor CAM Series, 75" 4K


Killian Oaks Academy in Miami is a wonderful school that  serves children who demonstrate average or above intellectual ability, but for whom individualization, achieved through a diagnostic /prescriptive program, is vital to their success.

With an atmosphere of support and acceptance, helps students develop confidence and a positive self-image and it challenges children to achieve their true potential.

Killian Oaks Academy recently installed a new SmartMedia Interactive Monitor in its Music Room to give students a chance to develop their own learning attitude.

With this new technological tool, they can promote a modern and engaging way to attract students by...

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