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3D Wayfinding Software
for kiosks, mobiles and the web - 3D Wayfinder

Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

 Classroom management software SmartMediaPRO

Smartmedia Pro Classroom Management SoftwareSmartMedia Pro Software allows remote-control of classrooms...

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Interactive Whiteboards

SmartMedia Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard
Infrared Series - 6 Touch Points, 84

SmartMedia Interactive Whiteboard
Infrared Series - 6 Touch Points, 84"



Infrared technology: multi-touch function that allows interaction with either a finger or a pen

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Interactive Whiteboard
Infrared Series - 10 Touch Points, 92

SmartMedia Interactive Whiteboard

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Multitouch Interactive Whiteboard CCD Series - IWB-CCD04 and CCD04C



Whiteboard features:

  • Choose between an erasable coated-steel, anti-glare surface or a porcelain ceramic steel surface (for optimal durability). Both surfaces are made for markers and magnets.  The ceramic surface is also scratch resistant and will erase markers easier.
  • Uses 4 CCD cameras for high touch resolution and...

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Mobile Interactive Whiteboard - surfaces up to 150“ - with pens

Simple, intuitive, pocket-sized: Interact with any flat surface to create an interactive whiteboard

SmartMedia MOBIWB The real mobile classroom revolution is taking over the education field. Thanks to the analysis technology, all...

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SMA Series Touch Monitor - SmartMedia




SmartMedia Touch Monitor SMA series offers you the next generation in presentation technology by providing multi-touch functionality and the ability for four people to simultaneously write. All the monitors are FULL HD LED displays.


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